Latest Doncaster Rovers Transfer Rumours

16 Jul 2014 19:53:44
Alex Revell considering offers from Doncaster Rovers and Coventry City. May cost a fee to get him released!




01 Jul 2014 12:52:31
Doncaster are heavily linked with a move for wolves Jamie O'Hara and Sheffield Wednesdays Jermaine Johnson, the deals are set to be announced no earlier then next week and will be dickov's First signings ahead for the league 1 campaign




30 Jun 2014 12:06:07
Rumour that Barnsley Fc are interested in Ex Huddersfield Captain Peter Clarke after his release, also Fleetwood and Doncaster are rumoured to be interested in the big centre half.


Rumour also has him to be bound for PNE, could just be a simplistic link with Simon Grayson though.


Not saying that we are signing him, but former Brighton man Will Hoskins training with Barnsley.




24 Jun 2014 12:49:54
Doncaster Rovers winger David Cotterill is set to become Birmingham City's eighth new signing of the summer


29 Jun 2014 14:43:16
Matt gilks, billy sharpe, Paul green and Jordan obika all to sign next week


30 Jun 2014 11:22:20
Add James Bailey to the list.


01 Jul 2014 07:48:11
Well.1 isn't Paul Green, Gone to Rotherham.


03 Jul 2014 16:02:37
Gilks gone to Burnley, That's 2 of your 4.


1 & 3 aren't happening 2- sharp isn't returning & 4 - Jordan Obika i've never heard of I think you mean Jonathan obika which is reported to be training with rovers




24 Jun 2014 10:15:56
Paul Green back to Doncaster Rovers

Mirsad Bubalovic



19 Jun 2014 13:34:14
Reports that Blackburn Rovers have offered Doncaster striker Chris Brown a deal on 10k a week, confirmed by new donny owner




18 Jun 2014 16:33:51
Doncaster midfielder Dean Furman is a target for Birmingham and Millwall




06 Jun 2014 12:24:38
Doncaster Rovers to offer £250k + James Husband for Hull City striker Matty Fryatt


06 Jun 2014 14:52:07
Maybe James husband will go if Hull offer Fryatt + 750K. Not a hope DRFC would deal under your terms.


06 Jun 2014 23:37:43
Why would you pay and offer a player for someone who is out of contract, make more sense to just offer the player a contract


10 Jun 2014 11:22:05
Well Al-24 that's that one shot out of the water. Joined Forest.


Fryatt is a free agent so there would be no fee to anyone.




03 Jun 2014 08:41:21
Hearing that Charlton and Blackpool are being linked with Paul Quinn from Doncaster.




01 Jun 2014 09:59:01
Simon Gillett is considering his options with Bristol City and Doncaster Rovers keen on signing the 28 year old midfielder.


Good player but would prefer Elliott myself




22 May 2014 16:28:31
Nigel Reo-Coker has interested Doncaster, Sheff Utd and Preston however the midfielder is hoping to move to a Championship club


Donny Rovers to sign Brian Stock as he has been released by Burnley




16 May 2014 10:50:29
Newly promoted Brentford looking to bolster their striking options may make a move for Aberdeen's Calvin Zola with defender Shaelum Logan moving in the opposite direction after completing a successful loan spell with the Dons.

Also, relegated Doncaster's Billy Paynter understood to be in talks with the Bees as he still feels he can do a job in the Championship.


Billy Paynter is not going to any other club as he said that he would say at Doncaster Rovers


I think he is actually out of contract, and is not being re engaged, so its not up to BP.


Told You!.


16 May 2014 17:28:08
Logan has been released, so no swap deal.


19 May 2014 10:44:36
Zola and Paynter are has-beens
Brentford not interested in either




07 May 2014 18:15:02
These deals have been agreed:

Billy sharp- southampton to ipswich
Shane lowry- millwall to celtic
Gabriel tamas- doncaster to millwall
Luke ayling- yeovil to brentford
Matt gilks- blackpool to leeds united


No they havent, Leeds have not agreed anything


Sharpy seems to be linked with Town every summer, probably not going to happen unfortunately.


08 May 2014 00:05:25
Ismail miller to millwall rumoured

Gary Johnson is saying that Luke Ayling is one of the yeovil key players staying for next season


Sharp always linked purely because he once said he was humbled by the Ipswich fans clapping the goal he scored after his child died. It won't happen.


If Ayling goes it'll be to a championship team


George444, Brentford will be a Championship team next season (they got promoted from League 1 this year in 2nd place)


Sorry, I was thinking of bradford. I still think it's unlikely he'll go to brentford given some of the other teams interested


We don't want billy sharp, he is old and finished, much rather we got chris o'grady


What are you talking about, billy sharp is a cracking player


O'Grady's older than Sharp haha


You what ayling will not leave the mighty glovers. #comeonyeo


Of course he will. Out of contract and best offer is 1200 a week, when he can get 2000 elsewhere, would you stay. Likewise Webster, best offer 1000, he will get 500 on top of that, and be away.


Those numbers are all wrong


I tell you what, they are NOT WRONG.


Well the numbers you've quoted are less than those players were on last time we were in league 1 so they're certainly not 'best offer'


Ah you mean the year TYFC made a loss of over half a million, The year FFP was introduced. 60% of turnover is all that's allowed. That's precisely why the "Offers" are less. Do try and keep up.


A good chunk of that loss was attributed to player bonuses and key players for yeovil in league 1 have usually be on around 2000 sometimes more


It doesn't matter what the money went on ( Bonuses, Wages, Signing on fees, Loan fees ), it went on payments to players. From last season onward only 60% of turnover can be used for such, not 120%. Therefore the wages have to be trimmed accordingly (eg drop of 50% to comply ). now do you see where I get the figures?.


Wrong about Tamas, Joined Watford




06 May 2014 18:16:54
filipe morais terminates contract with stevenage fc by mutual consent, and is due to sign for doncaster rovers by next week.


Not true he signing for Aberdeen FC when he gets back from his holidays late next week.




17 Apr 2014 14:00:23
Doncaster will sign Andre Gray from Luton and will see marc de val fernandez go in the opposite direction.


03 May 2014 17:08:55
We told you paul dickov was useless and some of you accused us oldham fans of sour grapes. Now do yo believe us!



17 Apr 2014 13:58:11
Doncaster Rovers will sign luton forward andre grey in the summer.


21 Apr 2014 15:46:41
Already apparently agreed a deal with Coventry City but i'm still hopeful it's just rumours and he stays to help us stay in the football league

They have had him on trial before, why would they now be "In for him".




31 Jan 2014 17:13:10
Conor Wickham and Steven Bouldry for Doncaster Rovers, the former on loan, the latter to sign a longer term contract


Not too sure re Conor Wickham, if he wants to play for Wednesday again! Steve Boldry's name has been mentioned throughout this window so there is some substance in this one




31 Jan 2014 09:40:28
Just spoke To Donny Groundsman Matt Gartland this morning and he was talking to PD this morning and he is hoping to complete signings for 2 players today.

Miguel Llera from Sheffield Wednesday (Transfer)
Conor Wickham from Sunderland (Loan)


31 Jan 2014 11:59:59
wickham would not sign for Donny when
He already said he wants to come back to Wednesday
If he's loaned out

No chance lol


31 Jan 2014 20:21:00
Really funny wind up post.
If Wickham goes anywhere it's back to Hillsborough where he loves it.
Llera needed at S6 as cover for injuries. Wouldn't be allowed to move to rivals



28 Jan 2014 09:30:22
Donny in for Luke varney on loan as leeds sign Leroy lita also Diouf being mentioned again


28 Jan 2014 10:12:38
Where did you here that Leeds had signed Lita

Leeds united fans website


Lita is at Brighton


28 Jan 2014 17:31:08
meet the board meeting confirmed bramhall in full control, no investment from him administration a real possibility. plans for hotel at keepmoat ( guess whose company will build that, )Richardson was a saint compared to bramhall

So overall what is the future looking like for rovers?


29 Jan 2014 17:26:27
not good, gavin Baldwin is trouble for all shareholders, too self motivated ask people what know him.

29 Jan 2014 19:20:58
the mud slinging has started, bramhall said jr not wanted by sequenta witnessed by member of Mondays meeting top table member. as the top table consisted of himself and he wasn't at the sequenta meeting, paul dickov also not at sequenta meeting, mr watsons son again not at the sequenta meeting that leaves mr Baldwin does anybody trust mr Baldwin no.

Just which company does Bramhall own then?. Not Keepmoat ( that's where most of his wealth came from, selling it ). Not that I care that much who builds or owns the Hotel/Casino. seems like a way of making small amount of cash, after all there are many hotels in Doncaster, which fill rarely. I suppose in season the opposition could stay there overnight, but there are many teams within 60min travel time in this league, so that's not about to make a bundle.


30 Jan 2014 16:30:49
4URBAN BASED IN HARROGATE, another major bujlding firm. could someone explain what bramhall and Watson spent the 17 million on not players and I suppose they won't expect it back if they left.

30 Jan 2014 19:05:29
the talk of jr being involved with Barnsley is probably off the mark, but I hope he stays involved with football he's the kind of man that is needed with his desire and enthusiasm good luck to him and I know the rovers are going to regret him leaving giving bramhall and his gang full control with no opposition

30 Jan 2014 21:25:15
John stayed with the Rovers so long out of loyalty not business sense, so why would he take on Barnsley? No chance.
Didn't get to the owners' meeting. Is it covered anywhere? From snippets I have heard, it sounds that Bramall wants out if the money is there and he is struggling to get anyone, even his own man, to be chairman.
Sequentia ought to expose the lie told about JR if that is what it was. JR is still the only one I would trust to put Rovers interests first.

31 Jan 2014 11:39:39
couldn't agree more jr was rovers thro and thro bramhall ought to expand on the so called 17 million he talks about

Not too difficult to calculate. When did they "Come on board" 2006 was it. Club lost 3 million a year covered by share issues and loans from the 3 amigos. 2014 now, so effctivly 8 years, 1 million each per year TB/DW/JR so there is your 17 ( or thereabouts for TB/DW. Though how much is "Loans" and how much is "Shares" I couldn't guess.


05 Feb 2014 12:56:08
rubbish, only loan by owner was before Watson and bramhall came on board and that is money owed to jr. when w and b came on board they bought shares owned by jr of which 9 percent was given to bramhalls desired choice of chairman whose name I forgot and also to Baldwin for the company who hold the lease to the stadium,

Check the accounts, you will see loans owed to Ryan, Wetzel, Bramall Watson, and others.


05 Feb 2014 17:21:46
my mistake I assumed that if they are adamant they are not going to pay jr back I assume that there's must have been a gift like the 10 million given to Birmingham uni to have is name above the building door

Not sure he "Donated" 10 million, as the place ( Music Centre ) only cost just over that, and there were many subscribers.
However, it was though the "Liz & Terry" Charitable trust, so basically the money was Interest on the 100 million he lodged in the trust, therefore not HIS money.


07 Feb 2014 00:58:03
For a man of his personal wealth it is a mark of his commitment to Rovers that if JR demands his £4 million, his response would be to put the club into administration rather than his hand in his pocket. He knows JR thinks more about Rovers than he does and would never do anything to hurt Rovers so is calling his bluff. He would have no qualms, I fear. Sustainability is an excuse for TB for a risk averse approach which without a lot of luck will lead to a downward spiral. We don't want reckless speculation but we need to be stronger to be sustainable and we need investment for improvement. He has the money to do it if he wanted. Another striker will probably be necessary before the end of the season if we are to score enough goals to keep ahead of the chasers. Success at this level will generate support and income and we are not too far away from having a competitive team. I look forward to seeing them tare at Brighton on Saturday and to seeing Sharp making amends or exacting revenge for the last time. A victory will give us hope.

I do not disagree with anything you wrote there.


09 Feb 2014 09:13:05
again I don't disagree there as got to be an ulterior motive for bramhall to staying at the club as for the money he donated to Birmingham uni is clear for all to see on his website. he should leave take Baldwin with him get the investment neededto sustain our current status and stop talking about casinos and hotels. furthemore the consept of club Doncaster is doomed to fail does anybody beleave that the rugby league would allow the dons into super league no. they change the rules every year to safe guard the wigans and st Helens of this world.

09 Feb 2014 19:09:49
Brighton showed that we are still short and they were beatable. Greer is their captain, remember. Our young Goalie was good and the defence looked sound until Tamas went off. Quinn was skinned second half. Billy Sharp looked anything but. Worrying! Duffy was lightweight when he didn't have the ball and Keegan was steady but one-dimensional. Coppinger still looks our biggest threat by far and Brown is dogged and put himself about. Why we pussy-footed in midfield and seemed reluctant to attack first half I don't know. Husband seemed the only one with urgency. Second half at least we got some efforts on goal. Wellens and Sharp out for Barnsley, Sharp for longer. Key time. Reinforcements?

17 Feb 2014 11:51:55
Glad to see a new striker in. Bowery did not click on Saturday but made a nuisance of himself and it was noticeable how we deteriorated as an attacking force when he went off and Cotterill came on and strolled around.
Someone more experienced might have been better but credit to the Board on getting someone in. Next few games are vital.

Predicted that signing couple of days prior. Am I ITK, nope. Just good detective work


28 Feb 2014 11:52:57
all quiet on the rovers front, not surprising been on their web sight very poor just old news, tried supporters club even worse doubt if it actually exists. viking not bad but why does it exist is it with the official supporters or in direct competition. paul mayfields bus organisation is good but confused whose side he's on. little wonder its easy for the current owners ride roughshod over the club. how quickly the supporters club forgot the good work by john ryan too busy thinking of theirselfs.

28 Feb 2014 19:48:14
Club does appear helmless and soulless at the moment. Dickov pleased with hitting targets and how great the players have been! He has been watching a different team at Brighton, against Barnsley and at Yeovil to me. Just like we know that if we are not well clear with 15 minutes to go in a game, we'll get pulled back and usually beaten, if we are not well clear of the relegation zone by the end of March, we'll get dragged back in and slide down. Will the club care or just set a new target? We are certainly not too good to go down and I would like to see more character and bite in both boxes (and in the Directors' box).
We miss JR and his passion but he has been manoeuvred out. We need energy around the club and in the games and we need to go on the front foot and playing with grit. It will be a test of Dickov if he gets a reaction at Bournemouth.

01 Mar 2014 17:58:12
bad bad result at Bournemouth but it goes to show what investment can do Bournemouth took the investment offered at the beginning of the season and now firmly established in the championship with plans afoot to move foreward whilst our leaders declined the chance

01 Mar 2014 21:25:37
We don't look up to it or up for it and that is a real concern. Bournemouth, not one of the big teams, hammered us today and we did not or could not react. That should ring alarm bells.

13 Mar 2014 22:57:15
Will we get defensive reinforcements or try to get by with what we've got? If it is the latter, the wheels will come off very quickly. We need to shore up at the back to get through the rest of the season.

27 Mar 2014 00:31:24
Pleased to see Neill is in. Let's hope that he is not injured in training before the first game. Leeds will be a big test of where we are. We need to bully them and be clinical in front of goal.

15 Apr 2014 18:36:19
I was at the Ipswich game and was disappointed by our lack of belief. Ipswich were there for the taking but we did not threaten the goal enough or get at them with a passion. What's the point in playing Sharp unless we are going to create chances for him? Why faff about with one-twos around the box when a shot and a follow-up at least would stand a chance.
Brown was brilliant yet we don't anticipate the flick-ons. If we had looked for the second ball after crosses in the second half, we would have had numerous shooting chances. Johnston has been brilliant but was at fault for their first and could have anticipated the second.
Coppinger is a different-class but Keegan and Furman are one-dimensional and shouldn't be put on the spot. Defence is vulnerable to tall strikers and I hope Neill is back to shore it up. We need to show more belief against Derby and go for the win.
Millwall will be up for it and Reading are a bogey team so we need something against Derby and we need to get Sharp into the game if we are to score.

19 Apr 2014 23:06:35
Dickov's excuse we are now annoyingly hearing time and again: we were everybody's favourites to go down! Who has he been listening to? It is not the fans' and not JR's view! We didn't want to be in this position, didn't have to be in this position and we don't want to hear this defeatism!
It has been Bramall's and Watson's view perhaps. Given the Derby showing we have nothing in us to win a game and no desire to fight, Brown apart. Milwall will be a test of guts and ralls and whether Dickov's team has got any. The excuse will be trotted out again if they beat us so Dickov and the team have got nothing to lose and no need to try. We look like the easiest team in the division to beat at the moment and those below us will get something out of the remaining games. We look worse than League 1 teams. Let's hope Brown can make it; he and Copps are our only hopes! Sharp looks lost and the team appears rudderless and without belief!

27 Apr 2014 16:53:11
Do we have the strength, desire and quality to survive? Excuses are already in. Blame refs! Blame injuries! Blame budget! Blame crowd!
We are too flaky when the pressure is on.
We need mental strength as well as physical power. They won't be hungry or prepared to put their bodies on the line and get injured. We need to be!
We need a fired-up Sharp in with a chance or two against Leicester. He should have stayed on yesterday.
Robinson is likely to miss an open goal if he gets a chance. He's gone backwards.
Brown tires in the second half but who can blame him.
Wellens will let them pass if he is unfit, as will Cotterill if he is fit. Why does Cotterill never pass to/ find Sharp like Copps does?
Keegan will be anonymous. Furman makes more of an impact but is a headless chicken.
Where is Duffy? Why keep on Neill if he can't play?
Tamas is not incisive enough. Will he ever hit the target or pick out a player in the box?
We've got to go for a win at Leicester but how?
Will Husband be fit?
Team to win at Leicester 3. 5. 2
Johnstone, Tamas, Meite, Fit Neill, Coppinger, Furman, Fit Wellens, Keegan, Fit Husband, Brown, Sharp.
We will need Duffy, Quinn and McCombe in reserve, possibly Cotterill and Robinson too.
It will be a great escape if we win, but Copps, Sharp, Brown and a fit Wellens, Neill and Husband are the only ones who could do it.
We need to be two or three up by Half Time!

03 May 2014 14:19:22
Why on earth didn't we go for it? Sharp and Forrester? Dikov's decision!



23 Jan 2014 21:52:09
Braking news, Barnsley Football Club will have a new owner in the next 2 or 3 days according to the Barnsley Chronicle people are speculating it being John Ryan the EX Doncaster Rovers chairman.

airy anus

Could well be john ryan,
The favourite for me could be Maurice Watkins,


Chronicle says its former Swindon town owner Jed mcCrory hopes to take control of barnsley in next few days nothing about John Ryan.


God I hope it's not Jed mcCrory
Hes taken over a number of clubs, over short period of time,
He does not seem to have any loyalty to any club he's been at, he even made himself team manager at one club,
This is not what we need at barnsley just at the moment, we seem to be moving in the right direction and this could derail it,
Another ridsdale.


24 Jan 2014 15:42:01
Bradford fan here what is this so called hotshot kyle Bennett it like

About my previous post,
I would like to say that I have my facts about mr mcCory mixed up with the now chairman of Swindon town,
So none of the above facts in my last post are correct,


25 Jan 2014 07:40:40
Barnsley set to sign jermaine pennant after he's been released by stoke barnsley have good contacts with stoke after bringing in brek shea

John Ryan to take over at Barnsley?
Don't make me laugh - why would JR have any interest in Barnsley?
Besides being a comitted


Blo ody phones - should be:
why would a Rovers diehard fan be interested in taking over at Barnsley and besides that he wouldn't have the personal finance to do it himself.
maybe he would raise the money through Sequentia Capital, the venture capitalist company that he tried to get involved with us.
Still - no cance of Ryan becoming a dingle.


Bennett is about League Two standard.
He is a young player who looked as though he was going to be very good but looks to have lost his way.
Very small and easily knocked off the ball and very poor defensively.
Will you please keep him.


Why would Stoke / Barnsley relationship influence someone who has been "Given Away". Pennant will find a club, but not Barnsley I don't think.




23 Jan 2014 09:11:51
leon mettam to sign for donny from worksop town


I thought the striker from this league interesting DRFC was Steven Boldry


Where did you hear this?


Sorry for the delay I heard this rumour from my mate Chris salt who plays with him at Worksop


It looks like he was fibbing doesn't it.




14 Jan 2014 13:39:38
I understand Doncaster Rovers are close to signing a striker from non-league football, apparently he's scored 27 goals already this season allbeit in lower league football. One for the future or the saviour for this season?


If this is the Evo-Stik First Division North player, he is potentially a star in the making. Not sure if it is though, can anyone confirm?


Rovers are being linked with a move for Romanian international Gabriel Tamas, who used to play in England with West Brom.


15 Jan 2014 08:58:25
Tamas would cost in excess of £200k for six months, it looks beyond Rovers finances at the moment


15 Jan 2014 14:44:59
It could be Worksop towns striker quick thinking speedy 28 goals but can't remember his name BUT he, s 27yrs old?

15 Jan 2014 19:00:51
leon mattem

15 Jan 2014 19:09:30
waghorn from Leicester been mentioned but as with tamas no money to spend

16 Jan 2014 18:42:41
Doncaster rovers are looking to take striker proschwitz on loan from hull

20 Jan 2014 09:23:15
Anelka for Doncaster Rovers in july 2014 that's the BIG rumour doing the rounds now BUT only if take over goes ahead!

20 Jan 2014 21:49:13
Why laugh at a possible take over it may or may not happen as for Anelka? Who knows but poss not but who the thought TAMAS would have joined us, you just don't know RTID

21 Jan 2014 12:20:38
don't think takeover will happen, big concern for future without it. mieti, tamas good signings but only signed for quick fix. end of season sees rovers lose both along with turnbull, khama, and more than likely copps, husband, andothers out of contract dickov will probably not extend his 1 year contract so there seems little in stability without the required funding. dickovs done a good job bringing in these people but still can't get the support from the s. o. d side of support god forbid he ever comes back

I am unsure why so many dismiss the idea of a takeover. Yes I know TB and DW have turned down offers ( 2 allegedly ), but, even though very rich men, do they really want to put in well in excess of 4 million each per year. I wouldn't. So a return on what they have put in so far, must seem attractive.


Its a pity Denis O'Brien was not involved in SC buy out. I see this year he is due some money from his company "Digicel" to the tune of $650'000'000. Nice work if you can get it.


22 Jan 2014 16:38:24
I don't think the majority of supporters are against a takeover far from it we would welcome it if it meant substantial investment in the team if only to be able to consolidate our championship status without a battle against relegation every season. the supporters of rovers deserve it. our hopes seem to be knocked about due to internal wrangling and after going thro the turmoil of the Richardson era we now seem to be heading that way again. a meeting with ryan. bramhall, watson and Baldwin with an independent mediator could solve this problem but it won't happen despite being intellegant buissnessmen they continue to act like babies.

23 Jan 2014 12:45:15
People have tried to arrange talks however only one of them is acting like a baby

23 Jan 2014 15:27:09
we all know who the one is j. r. but is he wrong I don't think so, sequenta put the cards on the table but the others have not said what there intentions are. the current signings are an attempt to get the support on their side but apart from wellens non will be here come june so I don't see no long term thinking



10 Jan 2014 13:26:35
Minor league rumour, Steven Boldry to move to Doncaster Rovers to provide cover in attack. Although unproven at this level he is highly regarded


10 Jan 2014 16:56:03
who is steven boldry

A sound move if true, now that Billy Paynter has moved out on loan!


10 Jan 2014 20:06:26
who is steven boldy

11 Jan 2014 15:14:51
I think he plays in the Evo-Stik League, debatable whether he will be a ready replacement for Paynter, more likely one for the future


Who does this guy play for? Anyone know any possible defenders dickov could be looking at?


13 Jan 2014 10:37:26
he can look for as many defenders, attackers, or anyone else but unless the owners give him financial backing what's the point. after the performance at Blackburn it doesn't look all doom and gloom. meiti looked class, the midfield looked better just another striker short,

14 Jan 2014 13:14:33
spotted bramhall in frenchgate today buying a coffee but couldn't undo the clasp on his purse so he did without, baldwin was seen walking bramhalls dogs good to see him cleaning up with his doggy bags, watson spent the day teaching his wife manners after her outburst after game with Stevenage. just a typical day for rovers board. 1/tight *******, 2/s*** shifter and 3/not a clue what's going on only what he's told.



04 Jan 2014 00:45:25
Francois Zoko is likely to leave Stevenage at the end of his contract following today's game against Doncaster in the FA Cup (3rd Round). Leyton Orient is a possible destination as Stevenage are unlikely to be able to offer a lucrative contract. Source: The Comet (local newspaper)

James Dunne has been transfer listed by Stevenage and the club are open to offers for Luke Freeman due to an budget overspend over the last couple of seasons. Source: Official Club Website


04 Jan 2014 11:22:13
Orient have just signed coulthirst from spurs, so can't see them rushing to sign another striker just yet. All depends how long Mooney is going to be out for.

Need another striker even if mooney back soon. goalkeeper a must Karin's not up to it i'm afraid. zoko would do me


04 Jan 2014 23:26:29
agree we need another striker, but Expect a keeper in the building on Monday / Tuesday latest.
Slade has another striker in mind, but won't be rushed just yet. Top priority is a goalkeeper.

05 Jan 2014 00:15:33
Russell Slade hopes to sign three more players during January. Goalkeeper, central midfielder, and another striker.
One player that Slade won't be signing is kevin Phillips. My inside sources tell me Leicester will steal him from under the noses of Wolves



06 Nov 2013 23:44:26
Doncaster rovers interested in Sean st ledger on loan as a cover for rob jones


07 Nov 2013 09:32:43
rumour is that jr is about to resine

10 Nov 2013 07:25:31
so j. r. has finally bit the bullet, no one should be surprised bramhall and his lap dog Baldwin have only one thing on there mind and its not the football club. we are now back in a position we were under ken Richardson and it won't be long before we will be like Coventry city. I think its common knowledge that the appointment of Baldwin was not for his ability he's failed in every job he's done but to give bramhall an extra foothold. good luck to j. r and thanks for the memorys. so now the fight begins all over again.

14 Nov 2013 22:25:33
The time has come when ALL DRFC fans get together and get mr Doncaster Rovers ie John Ryon back running or over seeing our club again, Watson Bramill n their clan MUST go sooner not later, so come on let's LET TEM KNOW enough is enough RTID

Don't put money on anything happening. Bramhall and Watson hold all the aces in this hand.


So, once again, the Board say no. All the Aces.


28 Nov 2013 20:09:04
Not looking good if the take-over has died a death and the Board is more interested in a social experiment and a notional Club Doncaster rather than in strengthening the Rovers. John's departure leaves a massive hole. He was the heart and soul of the club and he knew what the Rovers needed and when. He just needed the money and the support to do it.
No sign of player reinforcements at the moment other than an ex Notts County loanee. Ominous. Either Paul has lost the pulling power that was praised at the time of his appointment or he has had no money to negotiate with.
The Charlton performance was of a team out of its depth. We were lucky against a poor Yeovil side. We risk sinking without a trace unless some commitment to revival is shown. There is nothing exciting about Terry's vision for the Rovers fan, as I see it.
We need Dick and Dickov to show their hands. The former always seemed more of a Rovers man and the latter is losing credibility because he cannot back up his empty words. The fans will fade away and the future for the Rovers will be bleak unless we are active in making ourselves competitive.

The take over is far from dead, Believe me. It was nip and tuck as to whether TB and DW took last offer.
Expect another before Christmas.


03 Dec 2013 15:42:17
Blimey cheer up mate, all clubs have troubles it just relative

24 Dec 2013 17:21:58
sequita deal back on meeting taking place 24/1213 with bramhall prepared to accept

It seems that the sequentia offer will be rejected again as not in the best long term interests of the club
Thank god for some sense


31 Dec 2013 19:51:14
Who is deciding what is in the long term interests of the club? Without JR, we know where the Rovers would still be, and it looks as though the current board wouldn't prepared to do that much to stop us sliding back down again. Their business model probably requires it.
Bramall is a businessman and a philanthropist not a football man. Others would not be able to see why cars and music merit such investment; it is a question of passion and belief and Terry doesn't seem to have it for football.
I can't see it working without a football man at the helm. Interesting that it was Dick Watson who seems to have promised Dickov support in January. We'll see what happens. They could make it work if they wanted.

03 Jan 2014 00:11:01
Bad news that 'meet the owners' is scheduled for late January and the same three are advertised. Doesn't bode well for a change at the top in time to spend some money to reinforce the squad in January. Any reference to support in the transfer window has always been guarded and qualified, and I suspect that we will spend no more than we recoup, which will be insufficient. Since August there has been an absence of urgency in tackling problems. That we are in the position we are in now with such a depleted squad speaks volumes for complacency. We would do no better in league 1 with the team we've got. If we don't hammer Stevenage, it will show us in our true light. By the meeting it could well be too late and the Board could be hiding behind sustainability and the emergence of the youth. QPR was a good display in many respects, but we are clutching at straws if we see it as a turning point. Were always going to be vulnerable to a late strike; we could feel it coming, and the outcome despite the hype was 0 points. We are not capable of scoring consistently at the moment and are always open to the simple sucker punch. If Dickov is not supported in January, I suspect he will go and should go because he is being hung out to dry.

03 Jan 2014 13:56:10
couldn't agree more bad timing to announce a meet the owners meeting we need to go back to what was stated that they were the best people to run the club utter rubbish bramhall is the only one running the show Baldwin lacks the ability and is only a lap dog for bramhall and as for Watson what a backstabber the way he betrayed his friend in jr proves he cannot be trusted fear only bad times ahead is bramhall related to Richardson and is Baldwin his mark weaver

JR wasnt betrayed he spat the dummy out when he was outvoted
and any stabbing was self inflicted
dont forget that JR was only 1/3rd of the success of DRFC
gavin baldwin is immeasurably better that dave morris and answers to the board whoever they are!


03 Jan 2014 21:46:48
Not three equal partners, I would say. Where was Bramall in August? JR was hoist by his own petard, admittedly, because he brought the other two in, but he has only ever had Rovers best interests at heart and could not stand by and watch the club lose any ambition.
Looks like Wellens is on the way then. Not a great omen. Our best players will be picked off by our opponents and we will be left with the rest. It would have been better for him not to have had such a good game on Wednesday, for all the good it did. Did he not want to get things tied up with Rovers as Dickov said and was he looking for abetter offer, or is it a sign that the Board won't step up? If he does go, spare us please any understanding comments that he is going to a bigger club and there was nothing we could do to compete or stand in his way. Good news that Husband hasn't been in the shop window, I suppose.

04 Jan 2014 12:55:39
to bedalerover to think Baldwin is any good think again he's just an overpaid plank whos only concern is hisself always was and always will be not a man united can trust if a better offer came along check out his career

04 Jan 2014 22:26:41
Good interview with Dickov after the Stevenage game on Player. He is right to be disgusted; we all are. He will have some credibility if he doesn't change his mind and start making excuses, blaming injuries or looking for positives. Worrying that he hasn't a clue where he will get the money for new players from. The board could have tied Wellens up months ago. Scunthorpe will want Syers but I can't see much interest in the others. If he's waiting for that, I wouldn't hold my breath. He needs to force the Board's hand for his own sake as much as for the Rovers.

05 Jan 2014 13:20:20
so right wellens should have and would have signed a deal ages ago but as with tommy spur the person responsible for tying these deals down failed in his duty. any other job he would be sacked, what chance as dickov got If he says sign him but either incompitance or lack of support from higher let's the manager down;

05 Jan 2014 16:16:35
time for board and dickov to go pretty simple just not proformed oldham ring a bell

05 Jan 2014 21:34:08
Rumours that paul dickov to walk away if he does, nt get the backing he was promised for jan trans window, does anyone know anything of this? I think the board should go myself DRTID

Rumour around Bramhall is about to accept the Sequentia Capital offer and disappear into oblivion.


07 Jan 2014 23:53:23
He will probably wait until the end of January if he can get away with it.
The spending pledge seems poor (2 players? What level?) so much for strengthening across the team, and the hype over Wellens seems designed to give the impression they have tried to keep him when they haven't. Did they make him such an offer previously? Are they prepared to back Dickov now and match his other offers whatever our 'parameters' are? I suspect not.
Who would be interested in buying players from us to create funds?
Whatever Dickov says now, got to remember he has had half a season with the team he is now criticizing. What value has his backroom team brought? He has big questions to answer and he has been clever at dodging them. As long as he doesn't rock the boat, the current board won't care.

08 Jan 2014 07:39:59
don't let's blame dickov he's brought good players to the club but injuries to key men for long periods of time as crippled us. as for wellens if its to be believed a good offer is on the table and he doesn't sign then maybe he wants away so we should move on and find a replacement, time is not on our side but with players coming back and forrester showing the class he as a couple of good additions could just do the trick

2 players, but only if 4 depart, that's what I was told. 1 has gone now ( not a name mentioned out of the 4 ), so we assume half a player can come in.
Maybe the 2 "ins" are there already, Wellans and Miete, as they are not contracted, they would be classed as new.
Maybe the monies are "Wages" only, so no need to pay transfer fees, though if that is the case, the payers in must be "Free Agents", or simply couple of loans, either way I have no excitement building.


08 Jan 2014 18:43:47
Credit to the Rovers in keeping Wellens. I'm surprised, impressed even. We needed some good news. Let's hope there's more to come. Meite should be straightforward. Maybe Chopra will be cheap.

08 Jan 2014 19:35:29
talk of administration a worry no smoke without fire, disgusted with the attitude of the watsons on Saturday after the final whistle they might have money but it doesn't give them a right to talk to people like dirt. shows what they really are.

09 Jan 2014 23:35:32
Is it?
JR Give me the club or 4million
TB We'll go into admin first and you can have the club with -10 points and no 4 million
Sequentia We don't want a league one club. If we go there, we'll never get out again. We're out.
JR's love of Rovers versus his desire to get back at TB and his money back? TB banking on JR's love of Rovers winning.
Stalemate! Ball's in JR's court?
Solution? TB admits not interested in Rovers and walks away gracefully.

10 Jan 2014 09:10:05
question, at the meet the owners meeting at the end of January we are told bramhall, baldwin and Watson will be in attendance. as we are led to beleave jr as sold his shares to sequenta they are now 1/3rd owners so have they been invited to attend or as jr been invited to represent them. or js it as I expect another bramhall caeve up.

10 Jan 2014 19:15:11
to people going to the meeting at the end of January, write your question down so you can say what you mean without forgetting, if your question is directed at a board member insist he answers not his spokesman Baldwin remember they will be aware of the topics queried but be sure they are not trying to fob you off. remember the people you are dealing with are used to telling lies that you will believe, its their job. but show them they might have lots of money but your brain is as good as theirs. good luck all true football supporters are with you

12 Jan 2014 16:34:16
the rovers want a revamp not just at the top or on the playing side but everything what goes with the club. the suopporters club is probably the poorest in the league len south as gone by his sell by date and only in it for his self esteem. paul Mayfield is against anybody who is not from the retford branch. a tree is only anygood if all branches go together, so get your heads together make a proper supporters club pull together and have a proper voice not just coach organisers

13 Jan 2014 16:54:27
Is Nimely still available?

20 Jan 2014 23:25:34
Proschwitz, Waghorn, Derbyshire, Miller? Or Macheda back again?



25 Oct 2013 10:44:21
who is the left back that Doncaster Rovers are about to sign on loan?


Heard a few people say George McCartney




09 Sep 2013 17:48:17
Watford fc have signed ex Doncaster keeper Gary woods on a 1 year deal


This is a FACT, not a rumour


10 Sep 2013 12:56:39
In fact signed woods good luck

It is quite interesting that since this site has required a "log in" that people have stopped posting dodgy rumours.
Could it be that the rumour mongers don't like being identified?




04 Sep 2013 07:55:10
Doncaster Rovers are set to sign Billy Sharp on a one year loan deal to partner up with Theo Robinson, that then putting some competition in to the club. RTID

{Ed013's Note - The loan window only allows a 90 day emergency loan deal}

04 Sep 2013 09:31:09
no he will be loaned from Southampton to Ipswich town for 90 days then on permanent deal in January 2014

04 Sep 2013 10:58:58
Who said it was the emergency loan window Ed? Not according to the FL website it's not


{Ed001's Note - 53.2.2 Subject to the proviso that the duration of a Standard Loan must be the time between two Transfer Windows, Standard Loans can be for half a Season or a full Season. Any recall clause requiring the early termination of a Standard Loan can only be included in a full Season Standard Loan and this can only be activated during the second (January) Transfer Window. Any other early termination of a Standard Loan must be by way of a mutual agreement in writing (including by way of a recall clause within the Standard Loan Agreement) between both Clubs and the Player but can only be completed after the expiry of 28 days and only during a Transfer Window (but subject to Regulation 53.2.3 below).

Standard loans can only be done during the transfer window - see rule above - the forthcoming window is known as the 'emergency loan window' because that is the type of loan allowed, not because of its name. It is the same thing that sees this country referring to Sporting Lisbon, despite there actually being no club of that name in existence.}

He won't go ipswitch to far from home the keepmoat is his home

He is signing for Donny on a 90 day loan with a view to a loan until the end of the season in Jan. he and his Mrs have agreed a deal for events at drfc to support the LJS foundation they founded

Sharpe not coming wages too high rovers will not pay it he will go to the likes of leeds or middlesboro

04 Sep 2013 15:36:45
Not that I'm saying your wrong Ed but I have it on good authority that Chalobah is about to rejoin us on a 4 month loan deal. I don't get it, I thought this loan window (that opens Sunday) was the standard loan window and then in October there's another emergency loan window, couple with this I hear we have the option to extend it to the ed of the season!


{Ed003's Note - Hi jami, you have been misinformed then mate,lots of teams do however work out how many fixtures they can get out of the player during the 93 day period hence why most wait until the end of Sep to make these loans which then takes them right up to the January window. (If that makes sense lol) }

Sharp isn't coming? Nobody had said that, the free press have spoken to John Ryan and he has said sharp is top of the agenda so who knows what's going to happen

If he was coming home it would be to the blades where he mite end up as we have more money then you

Looks like no take over, no investment and no loans. John bemoans crowds. The rovers need to be winning at home to attract the crowds; it has always been so. Losing to Blackpool, Leeds and Bournemouth won't help. The away support was strong last year because the experience was so positive. Blackburn was a blinder but we have to be able to sustain it and for that, as Wellens says, we need some quality additions. Not sure Sharp is a great loss but there will be some good players available in the loan window. John, Dick and Terry deserve our gratitude but if they are losing heart and belief, why reject investment? Hope they reconsider. Otherwise by January we could be in real difficulty.

I reckon if sharp comes home it will generate a1000 fans straight away it's a pity that we carnt get a max crowd in championship to pay for new players look at other Yorkshire clubs big attendencies week in week out we must get the players in and then who knows what mite happen

It's alrite the board slagging fans off, if we ad been told the truth from start instead of been lied to bout who was coming and what was going on to happen the stadium would b full every week no dowt bout that, I still reckon with all the money in china we can still get sharp if e brought the crowds in it would pay for the boards mistakes

Ok let us Donny fans pay halh his wages for a season c how mutch we want him then?

Sharp not coming, end of. Southampton want the receiving club to pay all of his £20k wages. DRFC won't pay anywhere near that.

Rovers have no chance of getting Sharp, just get used to it lads.


Sharpe signs loan deal with Reading.




28 Aug 2013 20:29:45
Doncaster will re-sign James Baxendale from Walsall before Monday's deadline.

No they won't he just signed s new 3 year deal with walsall

Just because he has signed a new contract doesn't mean a club can't go for him, why do people think that if a player signs a new deal they are untouchable contracts mean nothing only that they can play for team for that amount of years if a team came in with a bid of say 5mil then he would be gone

The investment deal as not so much fell thro as more like bramhall and Baldwin don't want it to go thro watch for john ryan leaving very shortly totally fed up with the support he's not getting from the other two there is an ulterior motive in there behaviour and this will come to light very soon only Watson supporting ryan can stop it keepmoat insider

And are Doncaster going to cough up a million +? NO

Does anyone know what gavjn baldwins role is first he tells us the rovers are on a very good financial position we don't need investment then he is saying we can't afford this and that maybe if we got rid of the overpaid plank we could afford the players we need

The supporters must stand behind john ryan and not allow him to leave not yet we all know that bramhall and Baldwin have only their own interests at heart not the club to allow them full control would be a disaster, bring in new investment find the right man to takeover and then J. R can walk away if that is his wish a proud man for what he has achieved but to be driven out by the other two would be very sad. it only takes one bad apple unfortunately we have two

I understand that one of them is on near to a players salary and the other does not like football. let JR get on with running the club and the investment we need.

The whole regime stinks, Baldwin and FD Ferriby are a total waste of time and money, if and when new investment comes in, they will be the first of many to go, there's only one John Ryan Rtid

Why wouldn't he re-sign its his hometown club

It's Still in spotlight there's a battle at club the problem is John must of okeyed all of these people to come in and help the club so y don't we just get behind the team instead of moaning and watch the lads go for it

He would resign if he felt he could not take the club forward in a meaningful way, and that he did not have the full support of the fans. VSC have not been supportive recently I believe.

There is no such thing as the status quo. If we don't move forward, our best players will be picked off and we will go back down. We have to invest and raise our game and attract the fans. Build it and they will come! John has DRFC's best interests at heart. We don't want o risk losing him or his leadership.

DRFC fan here, we have to face reality, we are a league one club with league on players, and league one support, coupled with a very poor manager with no track record at all. We have a great chairman in JR, but a non supportive board (but John did ask these guys to join in the first instance )We also have a very expensive CEO with little idea about football, surely his salary would have been better spent on players, but we keep on supporting our club, because we're would be with without one RTID

According to our esteem CEO Gavin Baldwin we have a great communications team with Shaun Lockwood at the helm, suggest we try and get a decent football team as a priority last two home games we have been outclassed, what a plank Baldwin is

Well this Rtid fan getting disalussioned with what is going on that investment what ever the deal would of kept us up and build for a few years then c what happened but never mind I think the board got to realise now people r not coming to support the team becose we r a league one outfit and in reality end up back there cheers for everything John but that's me done for this season already

Problem with all clubs we bring in people who avent a clue bout football and the passion it brings,, we bring in blaggers who talk a good job who milk there position at clubs,, so looks like another season of loanees to try and keep us up,, we couldn't do it last time want do it this time I just hope the new kid forester is as good everyone making out we mite get a bargain at end of season sale in league one

When will the moaners ever understand that we are a SMALL club and that we have to cut our cloth accordingly.
Yes, we will always struggle at Championship level but instead of moaning about that why not get behind the team instead of staying away.
Enjoy being in the Championship.

Is rovers going to buy anymore in this window or r we going down the loan way again dr board it doesn't work and never will look at other season we av been outclassed all season Wigan was poor first half,, Blackburn are just poor,, Blackpool and Bournemouth where lucky we need to fight for our shirts just feel with wellens looks gud in a poor side

All the speculation in the summer and who was coming and who was taking over I just feel aload of tosh was told to us and the board need now to invest more or we will soon b playing back in league one and below what is the point building this great stadium,, not to fill it I just feel if we ad the investment and the players we could of got 10k a home match

We need new striker, central midfielder, centre half to keep the lads on there toes,, to much pressure on cottrill to deliver the goods I think we need new blood b4 to late

I agree we are short of another striker, fullback, and center half but this is not going to happen. until bramhall comes clean and states the real reason why the investment can't take place well done to the blades and Bournemouth to accept the investment offered we are just the poor boys in a big pond probably Rotherham will take our place in the championship next season so come on bramhall tell the truth as to why you are stopping the club moving forward





27 Aug 2013 10:21:33
Wellens quitting his short term
deal at Doncaster to sign for Brighton

Good player in his day but that is not now. Already overloaded with central midfielders so looks a non-story.

If rovers let him go then tats me done

If Wellens goes we are gunna struggle in midfield. Best we had in midfield since he left

27 Aug 2013 21:44:34
If he quits its got nowt to do with us letting him go get a grip it was always going to happen hence a short term contract

28 Aug 2013 04:46:41
Sadly for Wellens I can't see this being true - He wasn't on that much at Leicester so him leaving was nothing to do with our struggle to conform with FFP, he can't train properly due to problems with his legs - As such he just isn't fit enough for a top end Championship side like Brighton

Bubble burst, lose to Bournmouth, everyone will be after PD head

Would love to see mote signings but we don't need another 30+ (33) year old midfielder but if we do sign him I wouldn't be unhappy hopefully a free transfer for a year

Hello again Oldham fan, sorry afraid you are wrong. Rovers are playing good football. Time to move on I think, or perhaps just stop boring us!

Wellens will go probably to Bristol city once again rovers too slow to sort contracts out so who is responsible we lost spur because we were too slow now looks like wellens who as been outstanding this season so get your finger out who ever it is

Seems very unlikey as he has just bought a house in Donny. Although I wouldn't want him to go, as he's been outstanding for us so far this season, as the proposed takeover has fallen through it looks likey he could leave. but not to Brighton.

Lets face facts, no matter what PD says, apart from two 15 minute spells in both halves against Leeds, we were second best most of the game, I thought there second goal was a foul on khombola, and Robinson missing a sitter, that's all we had to offer, Forrester looked good on is 5minute depot



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